The Lathrop division of Super Store Industries supports our dry grocery and frozen foods distribution. It is situated on 106 acres just minutes from the main transportation arteries (I-5, SR-99, I-205 and I-580) in Northern California. With over 750,000 square feet of dry warehouse and 150,000 square feet of frozen, the Lathrop warehouse ships over 1 million dry and frozen cases per week. The facility operates around the clock, seven days a week to supply more than 250 Central California and Nevada grocery stores. In addition to grocery distribution, bagged ice is also produced here for its partner supermarkets.

SSI Lathrop is one of the most modern and efficient warehouses in our industry. In June 1999 they moved into a real time Warehouse Management System (WMS) using Priya ® by Motek. It can be configured by SSI to accommodate changes in our business processes or changing customer requirements.

SSI distribution strives to accomplish one goal: Safe and accurate on-time shipments to our Customer / Partners. 90% of the customer orders transmitted today are selected, loaded and shipped today. SSI has an inventory of over 14,000 SKUs, encompassing 84,000+ rack positions, which is valued at approximately $45,000,000.

The Order Selectors, utilizing Talkman ® (a hand free and paperless selection system that features dependable speech recognition and synthesis technology), select and ship an average of 1.15 million Dry and Frozen food and non-food cases a week. SSI uses the Warehouse Management System to allocate and build assignments by task type and family grouping. Interfacing with the WMS, Talkman ® then directs the Order Selector to the correct pick slot and the quantity ordered.

The Replenishment Forklift Drivers support our selectors on a forklift equipped with a mounted Radio Frequency Telxon ® unit and a scan gun. This unit is linked to the Warehouse Management System and gives the Fork lift Operator the information in real time. The WMS tracks the pick slot quantity and quantity allocated, and then a task is generated for the Forklift Driver to replenish the pick slot to a preset level.

By using radio frequency mobile computers as true intelligent clients rather than dumb terminals, the Warehouse Management System can support anywhere from 10 to 200 concurrent users. It also includes the additional features and functions to support 3rd-party warehousing. SSI’s WMS has been developed to meet all of the requirements for retail and wholesale clients and can handle food (catch weights, serial numbers) or non-food items.